So you want to be a CI?

Course Description: In this course, Jeff Komay outlines the keys to success in becoming a clinical instructor. Whether you are a new clinical instructor or an experienced clinical instructor, this course has valuable information about creating an optimal learning environment with special attention paid to student and clinical instructor expectations. Access to key documents from the APTA regarding clinical education are linked, including documents that describe the use of PTA students under Medicare A and B. A special section on feedback will allow you to develop your skills at giving feedback and outlines a model for promoting problem solving and clinical thinking in the clinic.  Sample documents that can be edited for your facility are included in this course.

Course Objectives:
1. Examine key APTA documents related to clinical education.
2. Explore common reasons that clinicians want to become clinical instructors. (CI’s)
3. Discover qualifications to be a CI.
4. Explore factors to determine if the clinical site is appropriate for a student experience.
5. Explore factors to consider when deciding which school to work with.
6. Examine the school’s responsibilities in clinical education.
7. Discover the student’s responsibilities in clinical education.
8. Explore student needs as they relate to a clinical rotation.
9. Examine key factors to setting up the learning experience.
10. Examine methods of giving feedback to students.
11. Identify a model for promoting clinic thinking and problem solving.
12. Gain an understanding of student assessment and the Physical Therapist Assistant Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) assessment tool.
13. Access helpful documents that can be modified for immediate use in your clinic.

Course Instructor: Jeff Komay, PTA, BS

The cost of this course is $60.00. You will have 90 days to complete the course and the exam for 4.0 CEUs.

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