PTA Instructor Corner

1)The PT/PTA team- Design a Learning activity:
CAPTE in their “Position Papers” on pages 18-19 describe the following: “CAPTE will cite PT education programs for conditional or non-compliance with evaluative criteria when there is insufficient evidence of curricular content that prepares graduates to direct and supervise the PTA in the application of appropriate interventions. Likewise, CAPTE will cite PTA education programs for conditional or non-compliance with its evaluative criteria when there is insufficient evidence of curricular content which specifies that the PTA provides care under the direction and supervision of a PT. Although not explicit in its evaluative criteria, CAPTE expects all education programs to provide students with sufficient information related to the scope of practice/work for both PTs and PTAs to enhance their understanding of this supervisory relationship.

PTAonly has done the work for you! Take the “Lesson Plan for a PT/PTA Team Activity” course and get everything you need to develop an activity with a PT program. Options for a face to face format, a modified face to face format, and an online format are included. Get 2.0 CEUs of continuing education (differs by state- for more information, click herewhile you plan. 

For all the information you need to examine the PT/PTA team before a planned activity, go to the PTA Student Center. Your students can sign up for a free membership to access all the documents about the PT/PTA team. Use this one stop resource center to prepare your students for working in a successful PT/PTA team!

2) Are you teaching students about billing?  Do you need some scenarios to help with identifying correct codes and amounts.  Be sure to check out our resources on the reimbursement page for everything you need to get started.

3) New Evaluative Criteria for PT and PTA programs were adopted by CAPTE at its fall 2014 meeting.  Want a tool to review the new criteria with your current curriculum? Click here for a Sample self assessment tool. List your courses across the top of the page and then identify where the criteria are introduced, reinforced and assessed. This will give you a “snapshot” for any criteria that may be “missing” or “weak” in your current curriculum. To read the PTA Standards of Evidence, click here.

4) Need FREE and READY TO USE resources to teach cultural competency.  CAPTE is requiring it and healthcare organizations now have to to meet National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS). This means they are seeking culturally competent employees.  Don’t reinvent the wheel, click here to find resources for your curriculum. The CLAS standards are attached here (click on the name).

5) Looking for resources and evidence to support physical therapy in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, etc?  Read this pdf created by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy.  It was created for World Physical Therapy Day on Sept. 8th, 2014 but it lists numerous web links regarding the importance of physical therapy in prevention.  It is a great, easy to use link to evidence. WPTD_Resources_2014

6) Need information on fall statistics and fall prevention to use in class?  Looking for case studies regarding falls? Why re-invent the wheel?  Check out what the CDC has to offer in their STEADI tool kit.

7) Looking for documents from the APTA that you often use with instruction regarding supervision, documentation, delegation, provision of services, etc.? Be sure to look in our helpful documents tab.

8) New Guide to Physical Therapist Practice will be available online in mid-August.  Click here to read what Guide 3.0 is and who it is for? (New proposed evaluative criteria for PTA Accreditation refers to components of the guide so it would be a great resource to have).

9) Starting a new program or are you a new program chair for an accredited program?  Consider going to a workshop sponsored by CAPTE.  Registration is free but you are responsible for travel, hotel, and personal expenses.  Go to the CAPTE Accreditation Workshops Page to learn more and to register.

10) Interested in what programs are using certain textbooks?  View the Textbook Survey Results 2011 compiled by the FSBPT.


Important opportunity to give feedback on new proposed evaluative criteria for PTA programs. If you did not receive a personal email from CAPTE, please go to  to fill out a survey regarding the second draft of the criteria.  A pdf of the new draft is attached here: CAPTE_PTACriteria  The deadline for feedback is July 15th, 2014.