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  1. I just registered for the Intro to joint mobilization course on line. When I received my email of membership confirmation it states that the membership expires January 1, 1970. I find that very odd. Is that what it is supposed to say?

    • Sherry,
      I need to contact our webmaster on Tuesday to find the way to fix the date. All courses should be good for three months from purchase. If you have any trouble opening the materials, let me know and we will get them to you.
      thanks for letting us know about the date issue.

  2. Just wondering how and where we take the quiz on the course Intro to Joint Mobilization. I registered, printed off the course to study it at home and am now ready to take the quiz but not sure where and how to proceed with that to get my certification. Sherry

    • Sherry,
      If you click on the name of that course again, you will see the page where you clicked to get the course materials. Below that you will see on the instruction list to “take the course exam”. When you click on those words in color, it will take you to the exam online. After taking the exam, you will have a certificate that you can print.
      Let me know if you have trouble finding it.

  3. Thank you Shari. Found it under my account. I guess I had not taken the exam part of the course. Done and all is printed off. This is the first online course through PTA ONLY that I have taken. It was good information. Thanks again. Sherry

  4. How can I find out more information on the Joint Mobilization course that you advertise? I see the online course, but are you also offering a live course?
    Kelly Lawson

  5. Hello, I would like a full refund for the joint mobilization course I signed up for, seeing as how my membership was cancelled one day after I paid for it. Please confirm and refund me ASAP. Thank you. Heather Toupin

  6. Heather,
    I am so sorry for this technology glitch. We will look at getting it fixed. Please check your email as well but we are happy to give you your money back or send you course material manually if you desire to have the course/ quiz and certificate. We can do either. I sincerely apologize. Please let us know which way you want to go (money or course materials) and we will get that done today.
    Thanks for letting me know it happened.

  7. Hello, I have completed the “so you want to be a CI?” free CEU course, and everytime i complete the quiz it says error:error. Can this be fixed or was this just a giant waste of time?

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