Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle

Course Description:

The following course materials are designed to act as a review of common or significant areas of injury and palpation for the ankle and foot. The detail of the review is intended to assist the PTA clinician in his/her everyday assessment of patients with foot and ankle issues.

Course Objectives:                

Explore overall anatomy of the foot and ankle including arches, joints and motions.

  1. Identify locations of bony landmarks on the foot and ankle.
  2. Identify key ligaments of the foot and ankle.
  3. Identify common muscles and tendons of the foot and ankle.
  4. Identify locations of common pulses of the foot and ankle.
  5. Identify bony and soft tissue structures of the foot and ankle by video assisted and self-guided palpation.

The cost of the course is $30.00 and you will have 90 days to complete the course and the exam for 2.0 CEUs.

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