A Lesson Plan for a PT/PTA Team Activity

Course Description: This course will give you step by step instructions in how to design an activity that can be done by a PT and PTA program. Options for delivery of this planned activity include; in-person face to face, modified face to face using technology and an online option. A step by step quick reference sheet is included to guide you and examples are provided for each step of the lesson. All of the documents that you need to prepare the student for this activity are ready to use and located in the “PTA Student Center” under the “Resources” tab on www.ptaonly.com

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the learner will:

  1. Identify the standards in PT and PTA curriculum that are met with a PT/PTA Team activity.
  2. Examine key documents used prior to an activity to teach students about the legal, ethical and professional expectations of the PT/PTA team.
  3. Examine research options for tracking changes in knowledge, attitude and value for the PT/PTA team.
  4. Outline how to create an activity that will allow PT and PTA students to achieve the following objectives:

-Examine state laws and rules related to the PT/PTA team.
-Explore APTA resources and position statements regarding the PT/PTA team.
-Correlate ethical documents and professional standards to the PT/PTA team.
-Compare models of PT/PTA teams, including factors that affect choice of model used.
-Investigate characteristics and data related to PT and PTA education in the US.
-Practice delegation skills as a PT using scenarios, including the ability to defend decisions made.
Practice accepting delegation as a PTA using scenarios, including the ability to defend decisions made.
Value the role of the PT and the PTA in an effective PT/PTA team.

Instructor: Shari Berry, PT, DPT

The cost of the course is $30.00 and you will have 90 days to complete the course and the exam for 2.0 CEUs.

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